Can Email Marketing Boost Your Vacation Rental Business?

Contrary to some beliefs, email marketing isn’t dead – it has only evolved. Eighty-nine percent of marketing professionals still use the email marketing to capture and secure leads, but instead of blocks of text and constant updates, visual stimulation and strategic timing is today’s focus. For vacation rental companies, email can be a powerful tool to get more booked reservations and referrals. As webmasters focused in this industry, we frequently help clients develop and execute email marketing that works. Here are four ways how: Inform: Vacationers will on average visit 38 websites before making a... Read more

Getting the Most Out of Website Copy with Content Marketing

If you’ve spent countless hours researching and crafting the ideal real estate or travel & tourism web content, now’s the time to make sure leads will be able to find, access and share it. There’s no point in creating website copy if it’s not marketed to foster new business, which puts a heavy emphasis on cross promotion. Working as web developers in real estate and travel & tourism industries, we frequently see the positive impact businesses experience when effort is placed on cross promotion. If you want to get more out of your web copy,... Read more

Content Marketing Basics for Real Estate Businesses

If you think your properties sell themselves, think again. Eighty percent of all home buyers are searching online and 83 percent want to see pictures of the property online. This growing demand means content marketing should be a top priority for your real estate business so you can capture more leads online and through social media. As webmasters, we’ve played close attention to how online marketing is affecting the real estate industry, and realize the importance of content marketing. We also understand that it’s not as easy to grasp and execute as you might think.... Read more

Why SEO is Needed for Your Local Business

For businesses with a local customer base, like real estate agents and even leisure companies, search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a distant priority. While you may think this tactic is reserved for larger companies with national outreach, the increased popularity of localized, digital and mobile research has created a need for local business SEO. As web masters, we’ve seen how SEO attracts and retains more local business – especially with real estate and travel & leisure. Here are a few reasons why you need better SEO: Mobile popularity: Approximately 64 percent of Americans... Read more

Is Your Vacation Website Bringing in Business?

Because we work with numerous travel and tourism companies, we’ve heard time and time again, “Our website isn’t bringing in the leads we need.” So, if your vacation business is running slowly this season, give it a boost with a better website. Here are four ways it can help: Online travel sales: Between 2007 and 2012, annual online travel sales increased by $62.8 billion. In order to capture a piece of this expanding revenue, your brand needs to have a powerful booking site that allures, surprises and delights. Better navigation: Your vacation business website ultimately... Read more

Can Periscope Drive Traffic to Your Website?

In the first 10 days it was on the market, the live-streaming video app Periscope got more than 1 million sign-ins. Since launching in March 2015, the app has received positive press for its ability to share live videos anytime and anywhere with anyone. For businesses however, can it help drive traffic to your website? As webmasters, we understand how important visuals are for online lead generation. A Stanford University study revealed 46.1 percent of users cited a website’s design as the top criteria for determining the credibility of a company. For visually dependent industries... Read more

How to Set Up YouTube Cards

YouTube has announced a new beta program called Cards which allows you to add interactivity to your videos.  You can send people to a website , take a poll, request funding, promote a channel, or even ask for donations.  The best feature of this new program is that cards are visible on both desktop and mobile, where annotations were not.  Watch the video below to learn more about using YouTube Cards. Read more

Four Online Marketing Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Business

Today, online marketing for the real estate industry is bigger than ever. While agents still benefit from word-of-mouth and referrals, 92 percent of homebuyers now find agents via the internet. If your business isn’t using online tools to market properties, you’re falling behind the competition. As web designers, we work with real estate clients to build sites that complement their properties, agents and dedication to customer satisfaction, helping them determine which online marketing strategies are the best fit. Here are four of our top online marketing tips to improve your real estate business: Create compelling... Read more

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