Is Your Vacation Website Bringing in Business?

Because we work with numerous travel and tourism companies, we’ve heard time and time again, “Our website isn’t bringing in the leads we need.” So, if your vacation business is running slowly this season, give it a boost with a better website. Here are four ways it can help:

  • Online travel sales: Between 2007 and 2012, annual online travel sales increased by $62.8 billion. In order to capture a piece of this expanding revenue, your brand needs to have a powerful booking site that allures, surprises and delights.
  • Better navigation: Your vacation business website ultimately is a lead generation tool, and if visitors can’t contact you, book a stay, subscribe to updates, or view images easily, they’re likely not visit your business at all. It’s important to optimize your website to be responsive on all platforms too as 44 percent of web users claim navigation is difficult on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Sustained website visits: Travelers invest more time online researching their next vacation destination than other online shoppers, making an easy-to-navigate site a necessity. Auto-sound features, popups, slow load times and bad navigation can accelerate bounce rate (how quickly someone leaves a site) to less than 15 seconds. Having a clean and responsive site is the best way to turn web visitors into vacationers.
  • Keywords: For leisure seekers, there are five top activities for domestic travelers: visiting relatives, shopping, visiting friends, fine dining and beaches. Having a website with appropriate and popular vacation keywords can help you attract vacationers who will be searching online.

It’s true that a poorly designed website can damage the bottom line of your vacation business. To find out more and have our expert team of webmasters evaluate your site, contact us today.

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