How to respond to the Red Tide on Florida’s Gulf Coast as a property manager

As the Red Tide continues to affect Florida’s Gulf Coast, property and rental managers are asking themselves how best to respond to the situation. As veterans of the industry, we are aware of the challenges you are facing and the RealTech marketing team is working with clients to develop their strategies and response to the situation. Please consider our checklist and recommendations on how to respond and move forward. What is Red Tide According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “a ‘red tide’ is a common term used for a harmful algal bloom.” Furthermore,... Read more

How To Verify Your Facebook Business Page

Navigate to your business page and find and click “Settings” in the top right corner. You will automatically land on the general settings page, and on the right side of the screen you will see an option called “Page Verification.” You will want to click the blue words that say “Verify this Page.” That will take you to a pop-up window with the option of entering the phone number associated with your business. This cannot be a number associated with an automated call system but needs to go straight to your office where a person... Read more

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How To Add Users To Your Facebook Business Page

If you’ve hired a new employee or marketing agency to handle your Facebook Business Account, you first have to give them access to your page. This is easier than you would think. Navigating to the Page Role section of the settings can be confusing if this is your first time, but you only have to click 3 times to reach the window shown in the image below. Step 1 After logging into Facebook and reaching your Business page, locate and click “Settings” in the upper right corner. It should be right next to the Help... Read more

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Reaching Millennial Travelers

This is the age of technology! Technology has spurred a brand new form of online, generational wanderlust. Millennials are the largest living generation – nearly 80 million in the U.S. alone! They also have the highest percentages of travelers in their generation. Growing up in a world where everything is a click away and it is easier than ever to see high-def pictures of far away destinations means that the travel bug bites easy and bites hard. Traveling is more important to Millennials than buying a home! The reason being is younger people are understanding... Read more

Make Your Vacation Rental Website More Effective with Chat

The latest tool for vacation rental websites is the use of chat programs that give you the power to answer customer questions in real time. Live chat capability has been one of the hottest website options available this year. We have found that adding it is a great way to increase website sales. It provides a solid return on your investment. RealTech Webmasters can advise you on the best live chat options and offer technical support on integrating the capability into your site. How useful is live chat? According to an article published by Inc.,... Read more

Client Testimonial: Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat

Not every vacation rental business wants to simply order stock internet marketing services off a menu. The most creative business people want to be engaged in the process. In addition to providing website design support and social media marketing, RealTech Services can provide a launching pad for those clients who want the flexibility to create and participate in a more personal manner. We spoke with Keren ten Haaf of Lizzie Lu’s Island Retreat to learn more about how RealTech has helped give her company a solid base for its website presence and social media strategy... Read more

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