Client Testimonial-Casa Del Mar, Longboat Key, Florida

For those in the vacation and rental property industry, finding effective ways to reach new customers online can be a daunting task, especially when combined with the daily management and upkeep of their offerings. If you need assistance in creating and managing your online presence and marketing, the team at RealTech Webmasters can help you in the creation of award winning website designs and online marketing programs created exclusively for your property.

One of our clients, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort in Longboat Key, Florida, has worked with RealTech Webmasters to create, engage and report on a series of online marketing initiatives designed to drive traffic for their operations. We recently spoke with Mark Miller of Casa Del Mar to learn more about how RealTech Webmasters was able to drive value for their property.

Casa Del Mar - Realtech Client

How did your relationship with RealTech Webmasters start?

Mark Miller: We had worked with RealTech Webmasters to update the website for Casa Del Mar Beach Resort because our previous website was antiquated and was not easily viewable on tablets or mobile devices. I have 40 years’ experience in marketing and advertising and have seen the changes that have taken place in regards to reaching new customers and knew that we needed to update our website immediately. I worked closely with RealTech in building the site, doing experiencing testing and because we didn’t have anyone in-house to work on or manage the website besides myself, I knew that we needed help. We knew that it was important to find a partner that could work on search engine optimization, help with social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, because we need assistance in finding younger guests who would be willing to learn more about us and make staying at Casa Del Mar a part of their own family tradition.

What did RealTech help with?

Mark Miller: Besides the actual website, I engaged with RealTech on the other aspects of marketing the website online, including Google Analytics, Social Media, ideas on site optimization for mobile devices, email marketing campaigns and just presenting the property to the most people. From there, we have been engaging with RealTech on a consistent basis to continually make our website better, to allow us to use search engine optimization to reach more people and incorporating our content ideas with their strategy so that we can be found by the people that are searching for a property like ours. The relationship has been beneficial, because the discussions in our meetings help us determine the types of photos and information that we want to promote and RealTech works with us to help constantly improve the website and our outreach programs.

How have your results been?

Mark Miller: Everything so far has been very pleasing to everyone involved; while we are just now getting some of the data related to a full year’s worth of efforts, I have been able to share with our owners that our desktop and mobile traffic to our website has been up 40 percent in the time frame that we have so far, which has been great. In addition, our search engine optimization efforts have resulted in us ranking higher in the five most important Google keyword searches we have been interested in and that our engagement is up across the board as well, with our Facebook page going from 1,200 likes to over 10,000 by the start of November of 2016. Our new users are up on the website and our email marketing campaigns have also allowed us to raise our revenues, which is another sign that the programs are working.

Another important result for us is that our biggest gains in traffic was from younger guests, with outstanding rises in traffic from those that are in the 35-44 and 45-54 age groups. We had a goal to increase our visibility with new and younger guests and the information shows that we were able to accomplish those goals.

What are you planning for 2017?

Mark Miller: Many of the same things that we have had success with will be a part of programs with RealTech for 2017. More engagement, working to match our online marketing efforts with bookings to help determine the results, leveraging our location in Sarasota to drive more bookings, being more active in our email marketing programs and taking advantage of online reviews so that others can learn what the Casa Del Mar experience is like is our goals for this year.

The team at RealTech webmasters is grateful to Mark Miller of Casa Del Mar for working with us and for sharing the highlights of how our teams have been able to assist their property. If you would like more information on how RealTech Webmasters can help you achieve your goals and drive revenue for your vacation and rental property locations, contact RealTech Webmasters for information on how our online marketing programs and website design services can assist you today!

RealTech Webmasters Client

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