How To Verify Your Facebook Business Page

how to verify your facebook business page

Navigate to your business page and find and click “Settings” in the top right corner. You will automatically land on the general settings page, and on the right side of the screen you will see an option called “Page Verification.” You will want to click the blue words that say “Verify this Page.”

That will take you to a pop-up window with the option of entering the phone number associated with your business. This cannot be a number associated with an automated call system but needs to go straight to your office where a person can answer the phone. Facebook will call that number and you can follow their steps and instructions from there to verify the page with the verification code they provide you.

how to verify your facebook business page

Or you have the option to verify your business by submitting paperwork that verifies that you own that business. This is the option you have to choose if you do have an automated phone system.

how to verify your facebook business page

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