Do you know where your online revenue is coming from?

Even though technology is further along than it ever has been and e-commerce has been around for a long time, it is surprising that so many businesses today sell online and do not know the impacts of their efforts on their business, and which online channels are contributing to their successes and failures.


This is where RealTech Marketing is able to step in and assist you with understanding how your website and marketing dollars are providing ample return and continual growth. Without this information you can not see where revenue is being generated, what areas need specific attention, the ability to review benchmark performance, as well as knowing how to improve your efforts moving forward.


The biggest component of e-commerce is understanding who your customer is. Without e-commerce tracking on your website and Google Analytics, you will not know vital information about your guests that will help you in your business making decisions.


E-commerce allows you to understand the sales journey of your customers on your website. We can create various entry points into your site to assist in targeting the completion of sales by providing the user with the content they intend to find. E-commerce allows you to know which pages on your site are connected with your converting audience and producing value for your website.

At RealTech, we believe in your success and ours. Work with us to improve your e-commerce experience by improving your analytics and creating reliable data points for increased knowledge about your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help empower you to have the tools to make smart decisions and convert shoppers into guests.


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