Website Accessibility

We believe accessibility is an important next step in website technology. Our team of accessibility experts have been working on improvements to make our websites more accessible for the nearly 15% of the world’s population who have disabilities.

As the ADA and similar guidelines are adopted by more countries around the world, it becomes increasingly important to address this issue on your website. 

RealTech has developed an accessibility improvement plan for vacation rental websites. Our recommended improvements focus on your home page, which typically improves an accessibility score by 30-40%. While it’s not 100% ADA compliant, it moves you much closer to that goal.

Our accessibility improvements include:

  • Website audit to check the accessibility of your website using the Google Chrome Accessibility Audit.
  • Writing alternate text equivalents for all images and non-text elements to communicate the meaning of images.
  • Add descriptions to links that open a new tab.
  • Add tags that define the natural language of the page content as being English.
  • Add alternative text to all links describing the purpose of the link.
  • Create a new page where we spell out your accessibility policy, listing the changes we’ve made so far along with areas we will work on in the future. 
  • Add a link in the website footer leading to the new accessibility policy page.
  • Adjust text contrast as needed.
  • Improve tab navigation logic.

Most of this work will be behind the scenes; the most visible parts are the accessibility link and the new accessibility policy page provided by RealTech.

We believe this set of changes will go a long way toward meeting accessibility expectations and heading off any potential problems.  If you are interested in going beyond these steps, we are capable of more custom solutions and are available to discuss in more detail. 

These improvements start at $1,500 per website.

Contact RealTech today to get your accessibility site audit and get started.


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